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 CoD: Black Ops Emblem Design

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PostSubject: CoD: Black Ops Emblem Design   CoD: Black Ops Emblem Design EmptyMon Dec 06, 2010 2:20 am

Okay So. This is the new competition, I Want to see pictures of YOUR Emblem. I will then select 10 of the Emblems to go on Vote, Then everyone may vote on their favorite, The winner, Will receive 1500 Microsoft Points

1. Take the picture of Your Funny, Clever or just Plain AWESOME emblem, (YOU MUST HAVE MADE IT YOURSELF!)
2. Upload it to: Or any other Image hosting site.
3. Email the link of the Image to:
4. Include: Your Name, Your Gamertag, The name of your Image, And If Possible, How you thought of making the emblem.

1. No Racisim/Discrimination.
2. The Emblem MUST BE OF YOUR OWN CONSTRUCTION (I Cannot stress that enough)
3. Thats It Smile

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CoD: Black Ops Emblem Design
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