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 AeRoins and AeReputation

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PostSubject: AeRoins and AeReputation   AeRoins and AeReputation EmptyMon Dec 06, 2010 3:02 am

So Basiclly. Your AeRoins are Your Currency, You Win them from Competitions, Then Use them in the shop To buy things like Microsoft Points and Habbo Credits and Forum V.I.P

You also Earn AeRoin's Every time you Login, (+5 Per Day)
I Will Have A Shop Up And Running Soon.

Your Reputation In The Forums, Everytime You post, You earn ARep, Everytime you Get Thanked for help, You earn LOTS of ARep
Once you become Ć’amous Enough, You will Go Up A Rank on the forums Smile

If I've missed anything, Please Post Here.

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AeRoins and AeReputation
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