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 Geoff (BOT)

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PostGeoff (BOT)

So there this bot I made called Geoff, I Just thought I'd list a few things about him

Geoff Is acctually named after Geoff Peterson, The robot skeleton on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

I have made him to be as human as possible, He responds to certain words/sentences And greets people With remotely nice comments.

Geoff Commands

!w City Country
(Displays the weather of that city)

(Displays your money) (See below)

-money [NICK]
(Displays that nick Money)

(Displays the store)

!google [ANYTHING]
Googles anything

-Money Script-
Every time you talk in a channel with Geoff in, He gives you money, which you can spend on certain things, type -mymoney to view your money

-perm Admin[100000$] -temp ops [3000$] -hooker[100$] -perm op[20000$] -ban<nick>[3000$] -protection[10000$] -kick<nick>[2500$] -buy Halfops[10000$]

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Geoff (BOT)

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